apartment letting made spectacularly easy

Manage application floods effectively.
For more fairness in urban living.

Control the letting process according to your needs and optimize it based on specific criteria.


more equitable application process


faster apartment allocation


less internal costs

Fair apartment letting for the property management of the city of Zurich


About 30’000 telephone calls for an apartment in 30 minutes and 150 apartment viewings. The selection of tenants was an imposition both on the city and the applicants.

Our solution

Thanks to the online application software all applicants get their chance. And the city of Zurich retains control of the rental – without any state of emergency.

existing clients

«With emonitor’s software, we can handle the large number of applications efficiently and guarantee a transparent, traceable letting of our apartments.»

Stadt Zürich Liegenschaften

additional functions & services


ideal apartment allocation

Control the ideal occupancy in your residential units thanks to our system.

waiting list

Maintain a digital waiting list and offer all potential tenants the same opportunity to participate in the rental process.

email templates & mail history

Automated and standardized communication. Make work easier for your employees.

automated evaluation

Save time and create transparency thanks to standardized evaluation of your potential tenants.

relocation requests

Your tenants need a new apartment? Thanks to our relocation requests, your tenants will remain your tenants.

creation of printed documents

You aren’t ready to do without paper completely yet? No problem. We automate your print documents and make your daily work easier.

random and fair tenant selection

Fair letting due to random tenant selection and equal opportunities in the application process

tenant profile

Your tenants will manage their apartment and the household themselves. Save time and keep your tenant data always up-to-date.


A completely integrated digital process. With interfaces to common ERP’s, you only need one system. Really.


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