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The digital alternative to the debt enforcement extract

CreditTrust and emonitor make it easier to apply for a home

Tenants and managers know the problem: the debt collection register excerpt takes a long time to arrive. The Zurich startup Certifaction makes it easier to apply for a home with its digital creditworthiness certificate CreditTrust. With the integration, our customers can now benefit from another innovative function of our rental software melon.

Daniel Baur, 7. October 2020

Tenants and management companies know the problem: the debt enforcement register extract takes time before it can be issued and the application for the apartment and the award of the property are delayed.

The Zurich startup Certifaction has taken on this problem and offers a digital alternative to the register excerpt with its CreditTrust product. CreditTrust verifies the payment behavior of prospective tenants within a few seconds and issues them with a forgery-proof certificate thanks to state-of-the-art blockchain technology if they have a good credit rating.

Thanks to the direct integration of the product in the emonitor application software, the tenant can apply directly for an apartment and thus saves himself having to go to the (online) counter. He receives his certificate in his email inbox and can reuse this document for three months for further apartment applications or other future planned services. At 19.50 CHF, the product is comparable in price to the official excerpt for the apartment applicant (17 CHF – 29.50 CHF, depending on the provider). The use of CreditTrust is completely free of charge for property managers.


Administrations receive the result of the CreditTrust check directly in our software and save themselves the effort of checking documents or asking for extracts again.

emonitor is the first company to integrate the CreditTrust function in its rental application. Together, this results in a simple and digital application process that makes life easier for both tenants and landlords. Applicants for the project in Claraturm.ch  can already use the feature live, and CreditTrust is already being used by other innovative customers.

Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of emonitor. His vision is to help shape the future of urban living and to turn the real estate industry inside out with new digital products. Daniel is a real Appenzeller, he grew up in Gais and now lives there again with his family.


Daniel Baur, CEO

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