a company that provides digital solutions to streamline real estate management processes”

Daniel Baur in an interview with cybernews

Technology has become the backbone of modern businesses

From revolutionary mobile applications like VPNs, antiviruses, mobile games, and banking apps to disruptive technologies that turn industries on their heads, digitization has taken the world by storm

Real estate, a sector often associated with traditional practices and lengthy paperwork, is no exception. As the industry grows more competitive, innovation is needed to enhance the renting and selling experience. Enter the game-changer: real estate management software – a solution designed to revolutionize how you handle your property portfolio.

The interview by Daniel Baur, CEO & Co-Founder of emonitor, sheds more light on the ins and outs of the real estate industry and shows how such software brings much-needed change

emonitor Team, 07. Juni 2023

Can you tell us more about your real state management software? What are its key features?

Our software “melon” digitizes the customer journey from the first contact with the customer up to the final digital signing of the contract for construction projects, first and re-renting, and real estate sales, as well as for reporting and analysis.

We thus contribute to an efficient process. This reduces the workload for tenants, management, owners, and investors. In addition, we need to create transparency in the real estate industry.

Our software is already in use at various property management agencies in cities, a large number of cooperatives, and companies. Since its foundation, emonitor has been able to process 320,000 applications and rent 60,000 apartments via the software. 

Enabling faster and more efficient processing of rental and sales properties is the main feature of our software. This means that information can be accessed centrally, and appointments for apartment viewings, for example, can be made in an uncomplicated manner.

Automating processes reduces costs and allows resources to be redeployed. Our software thus benefits from a high level of data expertise, which creates added value for the real estate market.

How did the recent global events affect your field of work? Did you introduce any new features to emonitor as a result?

The coronavirus pandemic has shaped our everyday lives in many ways and led to significant changes, especially in the way we work. Working from home and using digital applications has become more common.

This positively impacted the use of our software solutions, especially as our software enables centralized storage of documents and contracts. These applications have become even more critical during the pandemic as they allow people to work regardless of location.

In this way, the acceleration of digitalization during the Corona pandemic had a positive impact on our field of activity, as companies relied on adaptations to maintain their position in the market and as an attractive workplace.

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