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Ana Davitkova – Produkt Manager

Interview with Ana Davitkova

Ana is based in Zürich and has been working for emonitor for the last four years, now as a product manager. She enjoys cycling in spring. In winter you can find her on the ski slopes and at Christmas markets. She loves spending time with her friends, especially when it comes to food.

emonitor team, 03. July 2023

You have been part of the emonitor product team for four years now. What are your responsibilities as a Product Manager?

My journey at emonitor started with an internship in UX research & design. A year ago I took on the role of Product Manager. Although I now work more closely with the development team, I am still very much involved in UX. Our goal in the product team is to provide the right user experience for the user and to maintain and increase customer satisfaction.

What do you like best about your job?

The team and the impact we have. Having been with emonitor for a long time, I have been able to witness and influence the achievement of emonitor’s milestones. What I am most proud of is that I have also been able to observe the development of individual employees, both professionally and personally. Of course, there are tasks that I enjoy more and those that I enjoy less. But in general, I enjoy working closely with the development team. On the other hand, I also have the opportunity to be in contact with customers.

How did you end up in the real estate industry?

It was never my intention to work in the real estate industry. My interest in working in the field of UX research & design arose mainly during my Master’s studies in Lausanne. So I was lucky to be able to realise this at emonitor. In the course of my career I would like to change industries, but for now I am happy in the real estate industry.

What do you like about the real estate industry?

I think people who live in Zurich tend to associate marketers and landlords with negative aspects. For me, it is quite exciting to observe and understand the situation from the perspective of marketers and landlords, which I can do mainly through emonitor.


Lorenzo beim Pizza backen

Ana during the hike near Lake Oeschinen

Where do you see the biggest challenges regarding the real estate industry and digitalization?

Digitalisation also means change, especially in terms of adapting the way we work. That is the biggest challenge. But also convincing people of the benefits of digitalisation.

What do you think are the greatest added values that emonitor’s software offers its customers?

This is all about becoming more efficient and streamlining. The increase in efficiency is mainly due to the central availability of information and the digitalisation of the entire rental and sales process. Our customers benefit from increased speed and transparency.

At emonitor, everything is about real estate – what is important to you in an apartment?

Brightness, my mood rises significantly in daylight

What’s more of your taste: new construction or old buildings?

New construction, I prefer newer, more modern flats

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