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systematic letting

for new building projects & real estate manager

Our software simplifies your apartment letting process.

40 – 60%

less costs


faster apartment allocation


less paper

efficient letting – ImGuss.ch


The “Guss-Areal” in Bülach, Switzerland offers 349 new apartments. Hundreds of applications must be reviewed and thats why an efficient application and selection process is a must.

our solution

Thanks to the online application software, the marketing agency can concentrate on the important work. The website is directly connected to the letting software and the application checks the applicants’ credit rating and automates the communication.

existing customers


«emonitor’s software can be configured according to our requirements for specific projects. Process automation results in an efficient marketing process, which allows us to focus on individual and personal support of interested parties.. They benefit from a convenient registration option to quickly get their dream apartment. An all around recommendable thing.»

Mariana Schwager, Leiterin Intercity Vermarktung

additional functions & services


interface to marketing website

automatic interface and data synchronization with your marketing website

digital reference information

online reference information for employers or landlords. Automatically or at the click of a button

email templates & mail history

Increase efficiency of your communication with standardized or automated emails

third-party costs, fees & property review

No more Excel sheets. Everything at a glance. Your entire first letting project – completely digital.

data visualization & online reporting

All data at the push of a button and in real time. No more XLS-file reporting.

fully integrated digital process

Interfaces to the most important ERP-systems in Switzerland.


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