fair & transparent apartment letting

allocate highly demanded apartments systematically & create communities.

Control the letting process according to your needs and optimize it based on specific criteria.


more equitable application process


faster apartment allocation


less internal costs

The Hunziker Area – a
flagship community

low fluctuation

The online application software creates the conditions for a balanced social mix. Pleasing side effect: satisfied tenants and lower fluctuation.

community with few cars

Tenants without a car could be preferred thanks to the online tool. Thus one of the project goals, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the goal of a 2000-watt society, could be reached easily.

reasonable rental prices

With our software, it was possible to comply with the occupancy regulations which led to 20% lower rental prices in comparison to the average prices in the city.

existing customers


«For our cooperative, emonitor provides the perfect solution for a reliable and transparent allocation of the apartments that are in high demand. The rental was genius, simple and straightforward.»

Herbert Zaugg, Geschäftsführer, Wohnbaugenossenschaft Huebergass

additional functions & services


waiting list

Maintain a digital waiting list and give all interested parties the same chance to get an apartment. Without any additional effort.

random tenant selection

Allocate apartments even more fairly with our random tenant selection system.

relocation requests

Your members need a new apartment? Our software helps your cooperative members to remain your tenants.


Our application offers the possibility to keep your tenants always up to date. Keep your cooperative at a glance.

scoring system

Use your statutory points system. Say “Goodbye” to your XLS lists & files and automate the scoring system. It has never been that simple.

tenant profile

Offer your tenants even more. Communication, budget overview and access to the most important documents. This is how digital is fun.

reasonable rents

Achieve lower rental prices through optimized occupancy of your apartments and help to provide an apartment for those who really need it.


Reach your goals of a 2000-watt-society faster. For example, reward people with no car and with short travel distances to their working place during the selection process.

optimized social mix

We simply help you to achieve an optimized social mix. Create the fundament for a happy community and measure your success.


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