melon.invest a shared focus on innovation with emonitor and Implenia

Digitisation of the sales process for investment properties

Selling investment properties digitally

emonitor already digitises the rental and sales process of real estate for Implenia, the leading Swiss construction and real estate service provider. As part of the strategic partnership, emonitor worked with Implenia to develop melon.invest, which digitises the process of selling investment properties.

Team emonitor, 19 October 2023

From the idea to the market launch

Even in the digital age, the process of selling investment property requires a considerable amount of manual work, especially when compared to the digital, interactive processes of renting. Manual steps such as using Excel spreadsheets, creating designs in InDesign and emailing PDFs are not only inefficient but also detract from a professional image.

Implenia already uses emonitor’s software solutions and for the successful rental of properties and has recognised the potential for increasing efficiency in the sale of investment properties as well. melon.invest is designed to digitise and simplify this process and also to integrate an investor management system.

The development process for melon.invest started back in June 2022 with the identification of the challenges of the current sales process for investment properties. After a year of weekly idea exchanges, numerous design proposals, intensive work by the development team and extensive testing by the Implenia team, melon.invest is now ready for the market and to drive the digitalisation of the investment process.

Added value through digitalisation: melon.invest and its user benefits

melon.invest is a demand-driven software solution that addresses the fundamental problems of the investment property sales process. melon.invest was developed in close collaboration with Implenia, which enabled us to directly identify the difficulties in the investment property sales process. As a result, melon.invest users benefit from the following advantages

  • Increased efficiency: Digitisation enables significant time savings from the identification of potential investors to the submission of a binding offer.
  • Digitisation and centralisation of documents: All relevant documents such as teaser, memorandum, NDA, NBO and BO are digitally and centrally managed.
  • Matching between the investment property and the investor: The software facilitates the matching of investment properties with suitable individuals through the investor form. The investor form describes the type of property the investor is interested in.
  • Status overview of individual investors: Users have a clear overview of the status of all income properties in one place.
  • Digitalised and centralised processes: All processes are digitised and centrally coordinated in one place.

Product Launch Event 

To celebrate the launch of melon.invest, an event was organised to introduce the product. Thirty interested participants were introduced to the software solution and the processes involved. The audience was actively involved in the presentation in order to test the software first hand. After open discussions, valuable feedback and conversations about future areas of application, we are now ready to put the software solution to work for you and your needs.

next Steps

melon.invest is ready to be used to digitise the sale of investment properties for a wide range of customer segments. The software is suitable for estate agents, banks, property owners and developers to make their processes more efficient. To learn more about the software solution, book a demo session with us now.

Success Story FGZ

Success Story FGZ - since 2015 the FGZ has been renting out its entire portfolio via emonitor's melon software. More on this in the blog post.