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Automate your processes

  • Digital application process
  • Prospect Management
  • Automatic Reference Information
automate processes with

Market quickly and efficiently

  • Interactive isometric
  • Share advertisements on all platforms at the click of a button
  • Keep an overview of marketing budgets
real estate marketing with
real estate marketing with

Market quickly and efficiently

  • Interactive isometric
  • Share advertisements on all platforms at the click of a button
  • Keep an overview of marketing budgets

Reporting at the push of a button

  • Online reports and analyses for your stakeholders
  • Central interface to your partners
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Success Stories | Thats what our customers say

Alexander Michel, IT3

«We are very happy with the application from emonitor. The tool is easy to use and greatly facilitates our day-to-day business in the first letting process. The use of also simplifies the cooperation with the owner, since meaningful reports can be created at any time with the click of a mouse, and thus we can be continuously informed about the current occupancy status.»

Alexander Michel
Head of Real Estate Marketing & Member of the Board
IT3 St.Gallen AG

«The online rental tool melon by emonitor makes our daily work much easier. We process our first time rentals more efficiently and thus have more capacity to respond to the individual concerns of our customers. The solution has the advantage that all parties involved are and remain up to date at all times, particularly in the case of large-scale projects with several project participants involved.»

Fabienne Ehrler
Junior Project Manager, Tend AG
mariana schwager

«The emonitor software can be configured project-specifically according to our wishes. Process automation results in an efficient marketing process, which enables us to focus on individual and personal support for those interested. They benefit from a convenient registration option to secure their dream apartment quickly. An all-round recommendable software.»

Mariana Schwager
CEO, Intercity Vermarktung

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digital first letting solution

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Use Case Tend AG | First letting «Claraturm» Basel

Erstvermietung Claraturm Basel


The Claraturm project in Basel offers 285 new apartments. A large number of applications have to be checked and an efficient application and selection process is a must.

Our solution

The connection of the project website with simplifies the application process and Tend AG can concentrate on the important work during marketing phase. The application checks applicants for their creditworthiness and automates communication. By means of interfaces to partners such as Raumgleiter or Allthings, offers a complete solution for the entire rental process.