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Abacus Research AG


Our Partners: Abacus Research AG

In the third blog of our “Our Partners” series of articles, we introduce you to the software company Abacus based in Swiss Germany.


Julia Baur, 10. Mars 2021

Abacus Research AG | Software pioneers in Swiss-Germany

Abacus was founded in 1985 by three graduates from the University of St. Gallen who are still active in the company today. Abacus is now the largest and therefore most successful independent Swiss provider of business software for small and medium-sized companies with headquarters in Swiss-Germany.

The AbaImmo real estate software from Abacus is a modular solution that offers location-independent use and decentralized access to all data and information. AbaImmo has over 300 satisfied customers and is used by over 3000 property managers. Over 600,000 objects are managed through it.

Zahlen Fakten AbaImmo
Original image source:  AbaImmo von Abacus

Interface between AbaImmo & emonitor

Thanks to the interface of AbaImmo, our customers benefit from a consistent letting process. All work steps from the first contact with a prospective tenant of an apartment, through the automatic creation of a contract to the utility bill, are mapped in a system landscape.

In a joint project, we even go one step further. For the first time, reports can be created that make it possible to call up evaluations such as vacancies in real time. This eliminates the time-consuming manual preparation of reports for stakeholders.

The reporting & market analysis software melon.build from emonitor

You can find out more about the project in cooperation with the City of St. Gallen Pension Fund and our cooperation with Abacus in the blog.

Julia is our specialist in marketing and communication. Growing up in the beautiful Black Forest, she now lives with her family in Gais in the even more beautiful Appenzellerland. She is currently able to optimally bring her many years of experience in various marketing areas to the development of our marketing and communications department.


Julia Baur, Head of Marketing

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