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B-VR Switzerland GmbH


Our partners: B-VR Switzerland GmbH

In the second blog of our “Our Partners” series of articles, we introduce you to the company B-VR, which is revolutionizing real estate marketing with its digital tools.


Robin Wagner, 02. February 2021

B-VR Switzerland GmbH | Virtuality with Value

The companyB-VR  has specialized in visual communication for architecture and virtual spatial experiences and transforms sober facts such as floor plans or building descriptions into fascinating visual worlds.

B-VR also covers the needs of real estate marketers with a range of virtual products. With digital tools, real estate marketers can create a completely new user experience for their target group – i.e. those looking for accommodation – and thus make it easier for them to imagine, experience and be enthusiastic about a property.¹

¹Source: www.b-vr.ch

Virtual products for real estate marketing

Website, interactive 3D model, photo-realistic visualizations. These are the classic tools as we know them in the digital rental and sale of residential properties.

But B-VR goes one step further and takes the classic “apartment finder” in the form of the Navigators to a new level.

With the help of the navigator, the apartments are highlighted in color in the 360-degree display and also light up when the mouse is moved over the corresponding apartment in the list of apartments. With the help of a photo-realistic 3D model, the interested party can see exactly on which floor the different apartments are located. You can also see whether the apartment has a window front to the south or north, for example.

The Navigator von B-VR

Tools to make it easier to find accommodation

The navigator shows at a glance what the interested party was usually only able to see when viewing the apartment on site. To make the overview even easier, apartments that are reserved or already rented are displayed in a different color than apartments that are still available.

Useful features, such as the representation of real window views of the respective apartment or a controller for determining the position of the sun, provide a maximum of virtual insight into the apartments and their immediate surroundings. This turns the search for an apartment into a unique experience for those interested.

All of this makes it easier for potential tenants to decide on an apartment, which in turn has a positive effect on apartment marketing.

Interface to emonitor

Thanks to the interface between the navigator and the melon rental application from emonitor, real estate marketers benefit from an all-in-one solution. All apartment applications can be managed directly via the software. Fast, easy and efficient! The interaction of the navigator from B-VR and the application from emonitor is used, for example, in the Im Eichfeld project ofPRIVERA AG.

Product Video: The Navigator from B-VR

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