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Certifaction with Credittrust

Our partners: Certifaction with CreditTrust

In the fourth part of our “Our Partners” series of articles, we introduce you to the innovative and young company Certifaction and its “CreditTrust” product.

Certifaction specializes in making documents and contracts forgery-proof using blockchain technology. Their CreditTrust product enables a secure and simple credit check for all parties involved.

Robin Wagner, 07. April 2021

Certifaction is a company founded in Switzerland with headquarters in Zurich. Their mission is to restore confidence in the authenticity of information in the digital world. Certifaction was developed to make sensitive data such as the CreditTrust certificate, university diplomas, medical documents, etc. to make forgery-proof via the blockchain.


*Source: www.certifaction.io

CreditTrust is a joint product of the three companies Certifaction, CRIF and Intrum. The product is the digital alternative to the classic debt enforcement extract. The data for the digital certificate come from the two leading credit reporting agencies CRIF and Intrum and are forgery-proof thanks to Certifactions blockchain technology.

*Source: www.credittrust.ch

emonitor is the first company to integrate the CreditTrust function in its rental application. This means that apartment applicants can request a forgery-proof creditworthiness certificate with a click of the mouse when filling out the online application form. If the creditworthiness is good, thanks to the interface between CreditTrust and emonitor, this is sent to the applicant by email within seconds and saved in the rental application when the application is sent. The cost of the certificate is billed directly to the applicant. Apartment managers do not have to worry about it. Together, this results in a simple and digital application process without media discontinuity, which is both more tenant-friendly and enables faster apartment allocation with a lower risk of failure.

Process credit check CreditTrust & emonitor

Find out more about the exact process on the blog or watch the Tutorial Video below on credit checks with melon.

SVIT workshop «Digitalisation»

including credit check and digital contract signing

Together with our partners CreditTrust and Certifaction, we will show you the completely digital rental process at the SVIT workshop on May 6th using a practical example.

In a crisp 30 minutes (from 16:00-16:30) we take you through the process from the inspection to the legally valid, digital contract conclusion. Would you like to find out what advantages a fully digital application process has for you as a landlord, for your applicants and owners, and how this works in practice?

Then secure one of the limited places now. We look forward to you!

Robin is our content specialist. He comes from Arbon on Lake Constance and is therefore a real lake child. When Robin is at work in our office in St. Gallen, we are all overflowing with ideas. He loves reading and writing about new topics relating to digitisation in the real estate industry.


Robin Wagner, Inbound Marketing & Content Creator

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