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Social media channels for your real estate marketing

select and use successfully

Successfully selecting and using social media channels for the marketing of your propreties 

Where do you advertise your real estate projects? Like many other marketers, are you still using the classic media outlets? Are you wondering which social media channels to tackle first?

In this blog post we will give you some simple tips and tricks on how to define your target group and, based on this, choose the right marketing channels.


Julia Baur, 06. May 2021

Knowing your target group is essential. However, it is just as relevant that you choose the right channels to address your target group. You can invest a lot of money in communication – if you don’t know who your customers are, where they are online and how you address them, then even the best communication is of no use.

Target audience and market segmentation

In order to be able to optimally address your target group, the term must first be defined in the first step.

A target group is a group of people who are specifically addressed to something or who are to be reached with something. In most cases, the target group of real estate marketers can be roughly summarized as “people looking for accommodation” or “people interested in housing”. However, in order to address the desired target group more specifically, it can be divided more precisely using the following segmentation criteria.

Classification according to …

  • … geographical features

  • … demographic characteristics

  • … psychological characteristics

  • … behavioral characteristics 

Market segmentation as an instrument for targeting customers

A segmented target group of a real estate marketer could be, for example:

«Families with children, average household income, with a desire to live in nature»


«Singles & Best Agers, between 30 and 60 years, with a medium to high household income, desire to live in a city with well-developed infrastructure, expectation of high housing standards»

Buyer personas

For larger projects, such as the marketing of a new settlement, it is worthwhile to segment the various target groups even more precisely using so-called “personas”.

Personas illustrate typical representatives of their target group and facilitate content creation on the marketing website and on social media. In contrast to a target group, a persona also gives insights into the family situation and illustrates their attitude and / or their pain points with a quote. Basically, a persona profile gives a deeper insight on an emotional level than pure target groups.

Buyer Personas
Example for Buyer Persona Profiles

Here you will find a guide to creating Personas Profiles from Hubspot:

Overview of various social media channels

Once you have defined the target group and performed the market segmentation, you can select the appropriate social media channels based on it.

The different target groups are often more active on some social networks than on others. In order to reach the desired target group, therefore, you need to consider the channels where it is most likely to be found. The age of your target group often plays a major role. While the majority of people on Facebook are between 30 and 65, the average age of active Instagram users is significantly lower. At Linkedin, the age varies between 18 and 65 years old.

In addition to age, it is also worth considering other factors in order to make a final decision on a network. Many of our real estate marketing clients are active on Facebook. This channel is very suitable for real estate marketing, as it remains the most used medium in Switzerland. In addition, you can choose a second channel. For example, if you are renting student apartments, Instagram would be a good addition. If you are renting apartments in the medium or high price segment, LinkedIn can be used in addition to Facebook. On LinkedIn, you will usually find a target group with good income and a high level of education, which is why it is also very suitable for selling real estate.

Choosing the right channels

We generally recommend only opening those social media channels for which the resources and the will are available to regularly use them with content. Satisfactory visibility can only be achieved through regular posts. Two to three posts per week are a good benchmark.


It pays to take enough time to choose the target group you want. Once the target group has been defined, it is easy to select the appropriate social media channels and push the project using content tailored to your desired target group.

In the next part we will show you our tips on how, as a real estate marketer, you can create unique and target group-oriented content for your social media channels. Stay tuned!

Julia is our specialist in marketing and communication. Growing up in the beautiful Black Forest, she now lives with her family in Gais in the even more beautiful Appenzellerland. She is currently able to optimally bring her many years of experience in various marketing areas to the development of our marketing and communications department.


Julia Baur, Head of Marketing

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