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the team, that simplifies your apartment allocation

Ana Davitkova

UX Research & Design

Andreas Trunz

Head of Sales

Christoph Craviolini

Co-Founder & Data Visualization

Corinna Heye

Co-founder & Consulting Spatial Planning

Daniel Baur

Co-founder & General Management

Julia Baur

Head of Marketing

Marcel Wehrle

Co-Founder & Head of Programming

Marius Wehrle

Head of Data Science

Mika Miller

Project Management

Petra Babic

Product Manager

Regula Kürsteiner

Head of Administration

Robin Wagner

Inbound & Content Marketing

Vanessa Oppowa

UX Design

Vanja Drača Stojnić 

Business Development Manager

The eMonitor-Team

St. Gallen & Zurich

coming soon

Robert Rieder