Use case | First rental
En Lavaux

24 apartments

Cully VD

Availability: end 2023

2.5 to 4.5 room apartments

For singles, couples, seniors and families

Use case | First rental En Lavaux

Naef Immobilier SA


As one of the major players in the real estate market in French-speaking Switzerland, with over 410 employees at nine sites throughout the Lake Geneva region and beyond, it is essential for Naef Immobilier that its leasing and management processes are efficient. Furthermore, as a progressive real estate company, Naef Immobilier wants every step of the process to be transparent and traceable.

Manual processes with e-mail applications involve media breaks which not only render the letting process inefficient, but also increase the sources of error. What’s more, creating analyses and reports on the current status of rentals is tedious and time-consuming.

Our solution

emonitor software is the market leader in Switzerland for the digital marketing of construction projects. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of real estate marketing, enabling marketers to manage the entire marketing process digitally. Numerous intuitive features enable the marketing team to make processes more efficient and agile.

From lead management, which effectively captures and manages potential leads, to digital visit planning – all employees find all information centralized and accessible in one place. Finally, employees can digitize the conclusion of contracts. Prospects can view, electronically sign and return contracts online. This avoids time-consuming paper-based processes and enables fast, convenient contract conclusion.

What’s more, the software offers in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities. Marketers can obtain information on marketing campaign performance, track conversion rates and measure the success of their marketing activities at the click of a button. This helps them optimize their data-driven marketing strategy.

Using emonitor software, marketing agencies such as Naef Immobilier can optimize their marketing processes, improve communication with prospects and increase efficiency. By digitizing the entire marketing process, they can save time and resources, strengthen customer loyalty and, ultimately, speed up the sale or rental of apartments. Under a contract with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), other construction projects, also in French-speaking Switzerland, will in future be marketed using emonitor software.

About the construction project

En Lavaux is a new real estate development project marketed by Naef Immobilier of Vevey. SBB is the owner of the new building.

The project offers high-quality apartments in an attractive location and promises modern living comfort. It is located in the picturesque Lavaux region and offers breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and the surrounding vineyards. The project aims to attract a discerning clientele who appreciate a quality residence in an environment close to nature and public transport.

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