Building what’s in demand

Make the right investment decisions thanks to high-quality data

Analysis of housing demand

Online reporting in real-time

Data cockpit for decision-makers

Eliminate time arranging data, and gain valuable daily insights into performance across your portfolio or new building projects, like:

High quality applicant data & housing demand data

Find out who is applying to what apartment, where and is willing to pay what price.

Analysis of your tenant demographics

Know your tenants and what household type preferes what apartment type.

Choosing the right marketing measures

Find out what marketing measures work and who has access to the best tenants.

Standardized reporting for real estate owners 


Several different real-estate marketing agencies resulted in different reporting and budgeting standards. The data visualization was always different and not comparable. 


Our standardizes reporting lets our clients gain valuable insight and clarity into performance across their portfolio and compare building projects on standardized and powerful reporting feature. Our customers can make better decisions and maximize their profits.

Additional Features

Rental price benchmarking (coming soon)

Rental Price Determination (coming soon)

Predicting housing demand (coming soon)

A tenant profile for your entire portfolio (coming soon)



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