building what’s required

make the right investment decisions
thanks to high-quality data.

Avoid time-consuming data collection and get valuable daily insights into the performance of your portfolio or new building projects.


faster reporting & date analysis


loss projects


less costs

standardised reporting for property owners


The cooperation with different marketing agencies leads to inconsistent reporting & data visualization. They are often difficult to compare and the reports are not very detailed.

our solution

Our standardized reporting system provides our clients with valuable insights into the performance of their entire portfolio or building projects. Reports become immediately comparable. Our clients are able to make better decisions and maximize their profits.


existing customers

additional functions & services


high quality data

Find out who is applying when, where, for which apartment and with what willingness to pay.

analysis of your tenant demography

Keep an overview of your tenants and see which apartments are well occupied and which are not.

choice of the right marketing tactics

Learn which marketing actions work and who has access to the best tenants.


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